Art Licensing

When we embark on a licensing partnership, it's like we're weaving a tapestry of creativity and commerce together. From my studio to your brand, my artwork begins its journey as a vessel of my creative expression, ready to be shared with the world through your products. By choosing to license my art, you're not just adding another SKU to your lineup; you're infusing your offerings with a unique story, emotion, and a touch of human creativity that sets your products apart in a crowded marketplace.

How It Works

1. Dive into My Portfolio

Kick things off by exploring my collection of artwork. Think of it as treasure hunting—where you get to discover the perfect gem for your brand. My portfolio is a vibrant showcase of styles and themes, ready to leap off the screen and onto your products. Found something you love? Great! If you're dreaming of something a bit different, let's chat about creating a bespoke piece just for you.

2. Let's Talk Shop

Once you've set your sights on the perfect art, you'll chat with my friendly sales rep, Lisa. This is where the magic of collaboration begins. We'll discuss all the nitty-gritty details like licensing terms, usage rights, and timelines. Our goal is to make this partnership a win-win, so expect flexibility and a keen ear for your needs.

3. Artwork Handover

After we've dotted the I's and crossed the T's on our agreement, I'll package up the high-resolution files of the chosen artwork and send them your way. These files are prepped and ready, ensuring they'll look stunning on your products. It's like passing the baton in a relay race—now you're ready to sprint towards production.

4. Royalty Agreement

With the artwork in your hands, the final piece of our partnership puzzle is the royalty fee. This is the part where you compensate me for the use of my art on your fabulous products. It's based on our agreed terms—ensuring that as your products fly off the shelves, we both share in the success and joy they bring.

Ready to get started?

Use the button below to email my rep Lisa to start the process of licensing my artwork.